Full-time homosexual, wandering aimlessly through life to the beat of his own drum.

As an avid adventurer, lover of pizza, french fries, donuts and sparkling water, Patty’s time spent aside from his rockstar lifestyle consists of reading whatever he comes across, going to the cinema and theatre, listening to vinyl in the comfort of his apartment, rowing, stretching, sleeping and laughing out loud at all things deserving of it. Lastly, he enjoys evenings at home writing obnoxiously long sentences for his “About” page in the third person. #PattyIsSingle



While Patty enjoys writing and laughing at himself, it’s important to note that all comments, views and writings within this blog are indeed the opinions, original thoughts and compositions created/developed from the complex, inner dwellings of his mind. As such, everything published within this blog is in no way affiliated with his professional life.

Additionally, names of certain people will be changed or withheld to respect privacy.